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A Christmas Poem from ThatCarBlog

December 23rd, 2010

In honor of this holiday season, please enjoy this gift from ThatCarBlog to you.

May your stockings be filled with 5w30.

May the shine on your clearcoat never get dirty.

May your turbos spool quickly, your headers flow free.

May your camber be set to the perfect degree.

May your rotors be vented, as well as cross-drilled.

May your bottom end never need a rebuild.

May your rear differential be limited slip.

May your tire tread compound give you ultimate grip.

May you rapidly shift with your dual-clutch transmission.

May your dampers and springs provide well-tuned suspension.

May your crankshaft be forged, as well as your wheels.

May you have dancing visions of automobiles.

May your overhead cams have both lift and duration.

May your roadways be clear on your Christmas vacation.


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